Night Light in Window 10

Windows 10 includes a feature called Night Light that adjusts the display at night to protect your eyes. It has a blue light filter that enables the display to use warm colors at night. Normal displays emit blue light that appears like light from the sun and changing your body's internal clock at night. 

This reduces the secretion of an enzyme called melatonin which causes sleep in your body. Night Light enables your display to emit dimmer and warmer light at night to reduce eye strains and help to sleep better. You might also find it convenient to use Night Light in darkened rooms without straining your eyes.

Enable Night Light in Windows 10.

  From your Window s10 PC, go to Settings, then to System, and then to Display. Set the toggle button for Night Light to On. This enables the settings for Night Light below for changing. This feature does not work if you set during day time. At the time of sunset as per your local time, Window 10 automatically enables Night Light and disables at sunrise. The exact time of the next change is displayed near toggle on/off button.

Configuring Night Light

  If you want to check the working of this feature immediately, you can force it to work now by choosing 'Turn on Now' or Turn off Now option. You can adjust the temperature of the color displayed at night which will set how much the filter effect is enabled. 

If it is set at the far end of the slider, the filter effect is almost disabled. When you select 'Sunset to Sunrise' option, Night Light automatically adjusts the schedule to on or off based on your geographic location time set. You can set your own start and end times in Night Light.

When you are working with any task that deals with color like photo editing, video, images, do not enable this Night Light as it alters the way color is displayed on the scree.

Night Light in Window 10 
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