How to delete or pause watch history?

While YouTube watch history is an easy way to find videos recently watched, and also a great tool for improving the quality of your video recommendations, by having them match what you actually watch, sometimes we find ourselves not quite wanting certain things to be registered as watched.Here is how to simply delete or just pause watch history in order to prevent what you watch from affecting your recommendations and thus your future experience of watching videos.

To view the watch history when already logged in to your Google or YouTube account, go to "". There you will see videos viewed both through the YouTube app and through the website while signed it. 

It also includes embedded YouTube videos watched on other websites, but while signed in through Google Chrome.

The changes you make here to your watch history will also sync with the watch histories on all the devices which share the same account.To remove a video from watch history press the X button to the right of the video title and details.

You can also clear the whole watch history by selecting the Clear all watch history option.And finally you can pause watch history by selecting the Pause watch history option.To do the same on a phone, you will need to use the YouTube app.

After signing in, to view your watch history, just navigate to the library tab, which has a folder icon and tap the option named History. From there you will see a list of videos.To remove a video from your watch history, simply tap More, which is three vertical dots and select the Remove from Watch History option.

To clear or just pause your watch history, the procedure is simple, but you select the same three vertical dot more option at the top, and then select either the Clearwatch-history or Pause watch-history option.


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