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Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a browser for web developed by Google that can run in cross platforms. It was released in 2008 for Windows and later ported to other OS like Linux, macOS, IOS and Android. The browser forms the main component of Google’s Chrome OS. Chrome browser was assembled from libraries of Google and 25 […]

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Compare Microsoft Office 365 Education plans

Microsoft Office 365 is available for students as well as faculty and staff communities under educational plans. The prices are under these plans are either free or very affordable depending on the plan you choose. The following sections provide a brief overview of the educational plans under which Microsoft Office 365 is available. It has […]

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Camera Doesn’t Work, Windows 10

Everyone has found themselves suffering some sort of bugs in Windows 10, one of them being the camera not working. There are many way a camera can “not work” though, and through these symptoms of the malfunction we can actually figure out what went wrong and how to fix it. The first thing to try […]