Microsoft 10 Xbox App Errors And Fixes

Xbox app on Windows 10 can throw an error when it is not configured or enabled properly. There are some steps and fixes which you can do it for yourself to make Xbox up and running in Windows 10.

  1. Connectivity from Windows 10. When you cannot hear the voice or join a host on Xbox. ensure the connectivity in Xbox is not blocked. From settings in Xbox, you can remove the block and it should connect to the Xbox server.
  2. Enable Windows Firewall.

Ensure that the Windows firewall is enabled to connect to the Xbox server. Windows firewall is needed irrespective of any other security or firewall services. On the firewall is enabled, restart and check the Xbox connectivity.

  1. Xbox services are enabled.

Xbox services should be enabled for its working. You can check if the Xbox services are enabled from windows services window under services. If the Xbox services are not running, you need to start the service by selecting Xbox service and click the start button at the top of the window.

  1. Clean Xbox Cache

Sometimes old cache data in the Xbox app could cause issues in using Xbox. Clear any account or cache data that gets created in Xbox identity folder in user profiles -> AppData -> Local -> Packages. After clearing, open up Xbox to check if it is working.

  1. Open Xbox from the command prompt.

The service host on Windows 10 might have been preventing you from signing in to Xbox 10. You can open Xbox from a command prompt to see if it fixes the issue.

  1. Reinstall Xbox app.

When none of the above steps could solve the Xbox app issue, remove current Xbox installation and reinstall Xbox again. A reinstall could install any libraries or support files it missed in earlier installation.

  1. Scan For Missing Registry keys.

Check for any missing registry keys which might prevent Microsoft Store app from launching Xbox. When you run Microsoft System File Checker it fixes these missing or corrupted registries.

Microsoft 10 Xbox App Errors And Fixe

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