Microsoft Products Licensing

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The Microsoft Licensing terms define the terms and conditions for the Microsoft products and its online services. These products and services are purchased by Microsoft Volume Licensing programs. The license words are available in more than 35 leading language in the world. In the following sections, you can find the different sections of the Licencing terms and their purpose.

  1. Product Terms.
    The Microsoft Product Term includes all the terms and conditions on how to purchase the product licenses for software and the online services of Microsoft. It is updated every month and forms a successor to the already existing Product List and Product Use Rights. You can download current and earlier versions of Product Terms from archived editions section of a product.
  2. Online Service Term
    The Online service term defines how long you can use the service you have purchased. It is defined as a part of Volume Licensing Online Services Term document and program agreement. This document is updated every month. The updated document becomes the successor to Online Service Use Rights of Microsoft. You can access the current and previous editions of Online Service terms from the archived edition.
  3. Service Provider Use Rights.
    The Microsoft Service Provider Use Right, (SPUR), has the details on how to use the products that were acquired from Microsoft through its Service Provider License Agreement. This SPUR document is updated every three months and you can find all editions of current and previous versions for download from Microsoft Product site.
  4. Microsoft Online Service Level Agreements.
    The Microsoft Service Level agreement provides the commitment from Microsoft on the uptime and connectivity of the Online Services provided by Microsoft portals. These services include Office 365, Azure, Intune, Dynamics 365. You can find all editions of current and previous versions of this SLA to download from Microsoft.
  5. Microsoft Independent Software Vendor.
    The Independent Software Vendor is Microsoft’s End-user Agreement. It has a product list and details on availability, any discontinuation, migration plans, and use of software which are acquired by Independent software Vendor License program. These documents are updated once in three months.

Microsoft Products Licensing

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