Compare Microsoft Office 365 Education plans

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Microsoft Office 365 is available for students as well as faculty and staff communities under educational plans. The prices are under these plans are either free or very affordable depending on the plan you choose. The following sections provide a brief overview of the educational plans under which Microsoft Office 365 is available.
It has 3 different types of plan for student and faculty communities. Except for the higher price for plans aimed for faculty, there is no change in the features or service within the same plan between these groups. For example, under the A3 plan, you get the same products and support for both student and faculty plan. These plans are aimed to improve school and classroom collaboration but you need to prove your academic credentials for student plan.

  1. Office 365 A1.
    Under this plan, the Office 365 Suite of products is completely free. This plan is available to both student and faculty communities. It has web versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, and Outlook. You also get a desktop version of OneNote. You will also get an email with a mailbox storage capacity of 50 GB, unlimited cloud storage, HD Video conferencing, and advanced email archiving features.
    Apart from this you also get services like Exchange, OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, Sway, Forms, Stream, Flow, Power Apps, and Yammer.
  2. Office 365 A3.
    This plan is not available for free and costs nominally for a monthly fee. It has additional management and security tools. It has all the products and services from A1 plan with additional products like Access and Publishers which are PC versions. You also have additional services like Bookings under this plan.
    Under this plan you also all the features of A1 plan and also get an email with a storage capacity of 100 GB with unlimited email archiving, unlimited cloud storage. You can host meetings for 10,000 people with Microsoft Teams, assess risks and an unlimited number of users.
  3. Office 365 A5.
    This plan is super-set of the above 2 plans and has all the products, features and services listed in these 2 plans. It has the best security management, advanced compliance and analytics management tools. It has protection against threats like phishing, malware, and options to re-mediate attacks. You can make, receive and also transfer calls from a wide range of devices. It also supports advanced personal analytics using MyAnalytics, Power BI Pro tools.

Get Office 365 free for your entire school

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