Microsoft OneDrive

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The Microsoft OneDrive is a simple and robust platform for cloud storage. It is ideal for small business, enterprises as well. The following section highlights using OneDrive and its features. OneDrive helps small organizations to store their data and files safely in the cloud as these organizations have a risk of losing the files due to failed devices.

When you have planned to deploy OneDrive after required subscriptions, you can configure OneDrive from your Windows 10. You can control access restrictions to your OneDrive, add devices and manage storages for your organization.

  1. Files On-Demand.
    OneDrive allows users to view, search files from a File explorer in OneDrive, without downloading the actual files. You can have a seamless view of files from both OneDrive and local file system. Files in OneDrive remains stored in the cloud without being getting downloaded unless you download it. This saves space in the local drive. You can also access files when the internet disconnects by marking any file as available for offline using a right-click.
  2. Integration with Microsoft Outlook.
    OneDrive integrates well with Microsoft Outlook to enable sharing of files. This allows a sharing of files while stored centrally on OneDrive. You users can use the same file instead of different versions in email. You can also set access permissions to the files on OneDrive.
  3. Files Restore.
    You can restore any file stored to a point over past 30 days in OneDrive. OneDrive stores the history of file activity along with time and you can select the desired recovery time to restore the file. The history also shows you individual activity which you can use to judge the best recovery time to restore your file.
  4. Recycle Bin.
    OneDrive has an option of Recycle bin which works similar to one in Windows desktop. Deleted files are moved to recycle bin and kept for a fixed number of days before deleting the file permanently.
  5. Move to the known folder.
    This feature allows you to select predetermined windows folders to store your desktop, documents or images. Using this feature, you can migrate your folders to list of synchronizing with an existing list of folders.

Microsoft OneDrive

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