Camera Doesn’t Work, Windows 10

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Everyone has found themselves suffering some sort of bugs in Windows 10, one of them being the camera not working.

There are many way a camera can “not work” though, and through these symptoms of the malfunction we can actually figure out what went wrong and how to fix it.

The first thing to try in such a situation is always a restart, turn the computer or laptop you are using off, and then on again. That solution tends to solve about 90% of problems.

Restarting hasn’t worked?

In that case it might be your privacy settings or antivirus. Make sure that the camera has permissions to run, which you can find through the appropriate menus in your web browser or in the piece of software you are using.

Along with that, open up your antivirus and check for any reported errors and threats, since that is where you’ll likely find out if your AV is blocking your camera from functioning properly.

In case none of those are the problem, the most likely easily fixable cause is a driver issue. Open up device manager through the start menu, by searching for it and find your camera device in the appropriate device list.

If you’ve found the device successfully make sure the drivers are up to date, by right clicking on the device and selecting Update Drivers as well as Scan for Hardware Changes to make sure everything is still in order.

If you cannot find the device, check if there are any unrecognized devices. It’s possible that there is a hardware issue. In that case go through the same procedure, but for the unrecognized device.

In the situation that none of the recommended options worked, we can only recommend taking the device to a repair shop, and having them check out the problem, since most repair shops will do it for free. It’s very possible a wire has unplugged itself or that some dust damage has occurred preventing the camera from functioning.

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