Google Chrome

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Google Chrome is a browser for web developed by Google that can run in cross platforms. It was released in 2008 for Windows and later ported to other OS like Linux, macOS, IOS and Android. The browser forms the main component of Google’s Chrome OS. Chrome browser was assembled from libraries of Google and 25 other different code. The Chrome version released in May 2017 has support for augmented and virtual reality devices. The section provides a brief overview of some of the top features of the Chrome browser.

    Chrome provides options to bookmark your favorite pages and you can synchronize these bookmarking across other devices that run Chrome. You need to authenticate using Google’s credentials to synchronize it.
  2. Web Standards.
    Chrome supports Java ECMA Script standard. It has passed CSS2.1 tests bu W3C and has scored ahead of other browsers in HTML5 standard test.
  3. Security
    Chrome updates are two lists on malware, phishing and warn users when they open a site flagged harmful. The 2018 Chrome release has latest security features including a built-in ad featuring. It has a security vulnerability in Adobe Flash player and Google has phased out Flash in 2016. The 2018 Chrome release has ad-blocking features.
  4. Plugins
    Chrome supported a number of plugins that gives additional features to its browser. It has made it mandatory for plugins to support PPAPI to be compatible with Chrome.
  5. Privacy.
    Chrome provides you Incognito mode for private browsing. In this mode, your history, cookies, site data or form inputs are not stored but allow download of files and bookmarking.
  6. Voice Recognition.
    Chrome has includes Hotword Shared module to support voice commands. You can enable or disable it under settings.
  7. User Tracking
    Chrome browser collects user data and their activities to Google through optional and non-optional methods. It collects statistics with a unique ID token with Chrome set during its first connection to the server.
  8. Speed.
    Chrome has support for JavaScript virtual machine, V8 JavaScript engine which provides dynamic code generation, transitions for hidden class, and garbage collections. These enable for speed browsing in Chrome. It pre-fetches DNS to speed up the browsing.
  9. User Interface.
    Chrome default user interface includes a search box, settings control, and tabs. Each tab can behave as a different search session, you can delete a tab, duplicate it or run as a new browser window.

Google Chrome

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