Mobile Plans App – Connect to Internet without WiFi Plans

Mobile Plans App is an application designed by Microsoft to add a Windows computer to the billing plans of your current mobile bandwidth provider, so you can keep your bills together and keep Internet connectivity in almost any place, specially places where the WiFi range is not enough.

Microsoft provides this Mobile Plans App service in a great variety of countries, from the United States and Canada to European countries such as Sweden, Spain, Italy and so on.

We can find their web-page in here

In the web-page we can find the requirements needed to use this service and a quick guide on how to get add our device to our current mobile bandwidth plan, as well as sections with common questions and answers to help users use the service properly.

In case you don’t find the answer to your questions regarding the service, you can directly call and contact some of the phone support lines.

Basically, you will need a few things to get the Mobile Plans ready and running, you will need a laptop or a tablet with an embedded eSIM card or an SIM card supported by your device, a cellular modem to be able to connect it and being located in one of the regions where they provide this service.

Mobile Plans can definitely be useful if you are living in a location where the usual Internet wired connections are not reaching, or either if you don’t use big amounts of data on your laptop/tablet or you have an unlimited Phone Bandwidth data.

If you want to add some suggestions to the program, you can do so on the Windows 10 Feedback Hub.

We hope you have found value on this article, and we highly recommend using the Microsoft Mobile Plans App, it’s not hard to set up and can definitely be really useful in some situations.

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