Pandora is a platform for music and podcast and provides a personalized music experience to more than 70 million users in the US. Pandora provides you music using a proprietary technology called Music Genome and Podcast Genome project. You can listen to music and podcast at any location even while traveling with their mobile, web and an integrated system of 2,000 products. Pandora is the largest streaming music provider in the US and a leading audio advertising platform. It provides users streaming of audio with the music they like.

To avail the services from Pandora, you need to subscribe and have a Pandora account. You can register on Pandora at with sign up and subscribe with a plan. Pandora provides you a free plan with ad-supported, Pandora Plus, Pandora Premium, and Pandora Premium Family plans. Pandora Plus and other paid plans are ad-free subscriptions. You can listen to up to 4 radio stations offline in this plan. Premium plans allow you to search for a song on demand and play.

To use Pandora, you need to create a station. A station is a group of songs filtered by artist, song type or composer. Once you create a station, you can start the station to listen to music or add more stations by opting Collect stations. You can delete stations listed under ‘My Collection’ or edit a station to change by opting ‘Add Variety’ for each station. You can also shuffle your stations to get a diverse combination of music to be played on Pandora.

You can also share an album art your friends on Facebook or Twitter with a messaged attached to it. You can also set an explicit filter on entire account to prevent playing tracks, ads with a specific language and change audio quality.

You can browse to find new music releases, artists and stations, and playlists suggested for you. You can find stations categorized as Crowd Faves, Discovery, Deep Cuts, Newly Released, Artists only under ‘My Station’ in Pandora


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