Have you actually read the MS terms of use?

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Have you actually read the MS terms of use?

You checked the box, said yes when asked in the prompt, but you didn’t really read them, did you?

Well, that’s actually not that big of a problem, and we have the solution for you. To save your time, and your eyes from having to read countless pages of legal lingo, we will be summarizing the main points that you might be interested in.

So, the first point we found in the Microsoft Terms of Use was regarding their right to delete your account without prior notice and without stating a reason. Although this measure might seem harsh, it is actually present in most account owning companies Terms of Use and thus nothing we didn’t expect.

The above is a suspension loophole, since the data required by users can be changed at any time, and can vary from one to another customer, forcing you to give data or risk loss of services.

Which brings us to our second point. Microsoft keeps the full right to remotely disable and cripple software you are not licensed to use, so combining that with the previous policy, that means they can disable anything you are using and delete your data, which is also stated in the Terms of Use. The clause referred states that a service you are using can delete specific content without prior notice, and once again, without a reason. Microsoft can, according to their Terms of Use, delete your data at any moment. That is scary.

And the final interesting point we found honestly doesn’t seem that big when compared to the rest of the stuff we are signing off when using Microsoft software. More or less, they can disclose and or all of our information to governments without any notice to us.

Combining all those scary aspects, one must wonder what is safe around us, and what might be hiding in other TOUs. Let’s just hope we don’t sign off a kidney as well.

Microsoft Services Agreement

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