Microsoft Edge and Cortana aren’t working

Sometimes we may present problems with our Microsoft Edge and Cortana services. This can be caused by different reasons, which can be solved with a few steps and with no difficulty. Here you will find a complete guide to solve the problem of that your Microsoft Edge and Cortana aren’t working. Keep reading this article […]



Pandora is a platform for music and podcast and provides a personalized music experience to more than 70 million users in the US. Pandora provides you music using a proprietary technology called Music Genome and Podcast Genome project. You can listen to music and podcast at any location even while traveling with their mobile, web […]

Night Light in Window 10

Windows 10 includes a feature called Night Light that adjusts the display at night to protect your eyes. It has a blue light filter that enables the display to use warm colors at night. Normal displays emit blue light that appears like light from the sun and changing your body’s internal clock at night. This […]

How to delete or pause watch history?

While YouTube watch history is an easy way to find videos recently watched, and also a great tool for improving the quality of your video recommendations, by having them match what you actually watch, sometimes we find ourselves not quite wanting certain things to be registered as watched.Here is how to simply delete or just […]

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Have you actually read the MS terms of use?

Have you actually read the MS terms of use? You checked the box, said yes when asked in the prompt, but you didn’t really read them, did you? Well, that’s actually not that big of a problem, and we have the solution for you. To save your time, and your eyes from having to read […]

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Microsoft Products Licensing

The Microsoft Licensing terms define the terms and conditions for the Microsoft products and its online services. These products and services are purchased by Microsoft Volume Licensing programs. The license words are available in more than 35 leading language in the world. In the following sections, you can find the different sections of the Licencing […]

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Microsoft OneDrive

The Microsoft OneDrive is a simple and robust platform for cloud storage. It is ideal for small business, enterprises as well. The following section highlights using OneDrive and its features. OneDrive helps small organizations to store their data and files safely in the cloud as these organizations have a risk of losing the files due […]